Standards Development Panel (SDP)

The Standards Development Panel (SDP) is a group of experts representing municipal, industry, community and environmental interests who are tasked with producing an effective and functional final standard that establishes credible, practical and measurable requirements for socially and environmentally responsible aggregates in Ontario. The SDP will also provide final recommendations to the Board for the design of a credible system to assess performance against the SERA standards.

SERA Standards Development Panel Terms of Reference

The expert technical panel will be  chaired by Dr. Brenda McCabe, Chair, Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto.  Dr. McCabe brings the group an unbiased wealth of construction sector knowledge.

Representatives on SERA’s Standards Development Panel includes representatives from

The Standards Development Panel will also benefit from advisory participants who will assist in building consensus amongst stakeholders.  Advisors to the group include:

This group is additionally tasked with assisting SERA Canada as it seeks broader stakeholder and public input on the standards and specific key issues that the SDP is deliberating. As the SDP reaches initial consensus on different elements of the standards, it is proposed that SERA will seek broader input on those elements and provide the technical group with a collated summary of comments received.  Those comments, along with the results of field tests will be provided to the SDP to assist them reaching consensus on the final draft standards.

In reaching consensus on the final draft standards to be submitted to the SERA board for approval, the group will be asked to consider:

  • Their own views and experiences and the those of the organization(s) that they represent
  • Comments received from interested parties
  • Input and recommendations on particular issues that may be solicited by the SDP or SERA from various experts
  • Technical input on standards wording that is received from BRE-Global or the Rainforest Alliance
  • The results of the field-test as summarized by the participating auditors
  • After considering the inputs described above the Committee will prepare a Final Draft Standard to be recommended to the Board for approval. This draft will be posted for public review for one-month prior to the Board’s decision.