SERA Founding Board

SERA is an independent not-for-profit organization that is initially governed by a Founding Board who is tasked with refining the organization’s permanent governance model following a consultative process consistent with the ISEAL alliance’s code of good practice for standard-setting.

To accomplish this task the SERA Founding Board will benefit from the leadership of Chair Michael Fenn and Executive Director Lorne Johnson.  Mr. Johnson has been responsible for successfully coordinating the development of regional and national corporate social responsibility standards for Canada’s forest sector through the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and has more recently served as a Co-Executive Director of the secretariat overseeing the implementation of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement.

SERA Founding Board

The SERA Founding Board is an interim board of directors whose tasks include revising and finalizing the SERA Standards, developing a certification process for these standards and establishing permanent governance and funding models for the organization.  The Board aims to be balanced with 8 – 12 representatives from community groups, the aggregate industry and environmental and non-governmental NGOs. There is also additional opportunity for First Nations community involvement should they wish to be engaged.

The SERA Founding Board Officers are:

Other Directors of the SERA Founding Board:

Positions on the Founding Board have been left vacant to ensure a broad engagement of stakeholders representing industry, First Nations, community and environmental interests.