Draft SERA Standards

“Following an exhaustive online review BuildGreen Solutions is confident to say that we could find nothing that came close to rivaling the draft SERA standards in terms of rigour or comprehensiveness related to aggregate extraction.” – Rodney Wilts, Partner, BuildGreen Solutions

The Draft SERA Standards are a starting point for developing a world-class certification system for responsibly sourced aggregates in Ontario.  They have been developed on the belief that the public has the right to a reliable supply of responsibly sourced aggregate materials that are developed through transparent consultation with affected stakeholders. Through the work of the Technical Advisory Group these Draft Standards will be reviewed and revised to win consensus from a broad base of stakeholders.

The Draft SERA Standards are structured on the dual concepts of Principles and Core Requirements and will be measured against Performance Indicators that will be developed in 2012 through an inclusive consultation process.

Download the Draft SERA Standards